Dysfunctional Dailies Podcast Hosts

Podcasting since 2017, Erica has hosted and cohosted numerous shows. She is a Mother, wife, sister, and by all means an Otaku. She loves staying current on all thing pop culture and gaming. With Dysfunctional Dailies she hopes to educate people on relationships, current topics, and of course wine!

Monica is a born and bred Houstonian, who is married to her best friend and has a feisty toddler. When she’s not keeping tabs on her mini-me, she spends her time making sweets, reading, and playing video games. Monica was brought into the world of podcasting by her sister Erica Corbett. Together they talk about all things in life, be it pop culture, motherhood, navigating adulthood, or their favorite new wine. Tune into Dysfunctional Dailies to see what they’ve gotten themselves into this week!